Genji Auto Dash

Genji auto dash to enemy those have 50 HP when it possible. (HP Amount Adjustable)

All Hero Auto-Melee

You will automatically hit your enemy with a melee-attack when it possible.

Tracer Ult Prediction

Tracer automatically attaches bomb to enemy.

Hog Hook Prediction

Hook automatically predicts step your enemy and pull him.

Zenyatta Auto Orb Aimlock

Zenyatta automatically grants an orb to an enemy when you shoot them.

Dva Auto Eat

Dva automatically eats ultimates and abilities of heroes Example:
Zarya ultimate or Tracer ultimate.

Reinhardt Shatter Block

Reinhardt automatically blocks the enemy's shutter.

Ashe Dynamite Shooting

Ashe automatically shoot to dynamite when you hover crosshair to it.

Tracer Auto-Blink

Tracer automatically blinks at your enemy and finishes him with a melee-hit.

Genji Auto-Blade

With this feature you will be a semblance of Necros as a professional Genji, one press all opponents dead, sounds good, yes?

Genji Dash After Slash

Genji will always try to cancel your slash animation for a burst damage with dash.